Positive Postured Thinking

How much is thinking positive really influence whether or not you have success? So for anyone that is actually watch the secret, you would recognize that the concept is that you attract whatever you put out in the world.

The idea is that if you are worried all the time you put out worry and that you attract more problems and concerns and worry into your life. So is it true? Well, it could be argued that it is true based on many different writing sources. For example the Bible says sow and you shall reap (Galations 6, 7-10) the same thing.

In essence the Bible says the exact same thing that if you are selling worry into the world around you and you will reap worry around from the world around you.

Then there’s always that family member that each one of us has that is always angry. And that angry relative seems to have a knack for having the most complicated situations arise in their lives.

So there has to be some merit to it. I remember being really excited about a business that I started, as long as I maintain a really positive outlook on the business, it seemed to do well. During times when I was more stressed out and worried about it it seemed not do as well.

But yet is there undeniable truth that like attracts like? I think this is the part in our lives where faith comes in the play.

The one thing that I am definitely sure about is that when I was younger I was working for a bank. I had this idea that one day I work for an international company. I even remember the manager giving me a really hard time. She tried to embarrass me in front of all of the other employees by saying you know he just thinks that anything he wants he can have, all yes to do is walk out of this front door and there’s a pot of gold there. But I hate to bust the news to you that’s not how life works.

You know she was right. That’s not how life work for her. However, it seemed to work a little differently for me.

It wasn’t long after that very conversation that I met a man who introduced me to another man who ended up hiring me for his company.

Within about six short months I was traveling internationally working for her European company.

Crazy right? They’re just does seem to be something to it.

So I guess for today I’ll envisioned my current company exploding and doing really well. I envision lots of clients and being in high demand. Further I envision helping people achieve their goals and successes that they’ve always desired. In return I am achieving my own.

What do you envision as possible today? Do you want to own your own company? Do you want to have the relationship that you’ve always wanted with the perfect partner? How about you just say it with me. I am grateful now that I have you fill in the blank this is your Christmas wish. Talk to you soon

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